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Gretchen's Grains saves you all
the cooking time that goes
into healthy whole grains....
so you can get more time at the table.
Organic, fully cooked & frozen grains are here!!
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when you can have them in moments???
Why spend so much time cooking healthy whole grains.....


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The Products


redFully Cooked Organic Brown Rice

With its’ intact layers, is a revelation. This high fiber, high magnesium whole grain is the equivalent to switching from boring white bread to delicious whole wheat breads.

yellowFully Cooked Organic quinoa

Quinoa was first cultivated in South America over eight thousand years ago. It was a staple for natives of the Andes region for thousands of years.

greenFully Cooked Organic Wheat Berries

Once refined, whole grains like wheat berries do not deliver all of the whole grain benefits. Ours do. Plus, our wheat berries have a delightful chewy texture that goes well with any flavors.

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